BPS loses when it wins

The state is set to allow 668 more charter schools seat in Boston. The situation is complicated, but in a nutshell, 18% of the BPS budget is allowed to go to charter seats. Thus, if more money is allotted to BPS, then more charter seats are allowed to open thus further depleting our budget. We lose even when we win.

Part of my issue with the charter school debate is the lack of acknowledgment that when charter schools open up, it puts pressure on BPS to close and consolidate schools to remain viable. But no one wants to talk about that because no one likes closing schools. It’s traumatic for the kids and families, and the neighborhood loses a piece of its character. But there are only so many school age children in Boston.

Sometimes I try to be optimistic. I see all of the construction going on in Boston and I think perhaps more families will move in. But developers seem very interested in 1 and 2 bedroom housing and that is not the type of housing that families are interested in.

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