A Lobster and a Veto

They had lobsters at the library today. I have no idea why.

Governor Baker has vetoed millions of dollars in grants for early education and expanded kindergarten. These are grants that cities rely upon to provide high quality care at a crucial time in a child’s development.

Personally, I really believe this is where you start to see the achievement gaps begin. Not in high school or elementary school. But here in early childhood. Folks who cannot afford high quality care will opt for substandard care at a vulnerable time in a child’s neurological development.

The legislature is going to attempt to override these vetoes. Strategies for Children has an online tool to quickly let your state reps know that you support overriding the governor’s veto.

As an aside, I don’t know Strategies for Children at all. They could be a front group for Darth Vader for all I know. But the tool is easy to use!

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