Being programmed not educated

I ran across this article on Edushyster about the way teachers in Lawrence are being coached via ear pieces on how interact with the kids in the classroom. What are they being coached to do?

Don’t talk in full sentences

Don’t be overly enthusiastic

Stand in mountain pose

It has to be said the Lawrence has raised the ever loving test scores for the kids since they went into receivership. But to me this is a nightmare scenario and it gets to the heart of why I fight education reformers.

They don’t really want to educate our kids.

We know how to educate children. Teachers know how to educate children. What they are doing is trying to socially engineer us. They treat our children like widgets or computer programs. And they are trying to figure out just the right code to get the output that they want. What they want are high test scores. What they want is a skilled but highly obedient workforce.

They don’t really want urban children to be truly educated. They don’t want our children educated so that they can think, be creative, and act independently. They don’t want our children educated in a way that might cause them to question functioning paradigms.

Why are music, art and history being cut from the classroom?

Are the Gates children being barked at in their classroom?

Do you think Arne Duncan sends his kids to a school where a teacher is micromanaged via an earpiece?

How about Campbell Brown? Are the teachers in her children’s classroom being told not to be overly enthusiastic about their accomplishments?

This is the way they treat our children. Not their children.

Their children are receiving an education. Our children are being tested.

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