I spent $100 on Back to School supplies for 2 kids

There are many ways in which the defunding of public schools is felt by parents and teachers but may be hidden from the general public.

For instance, teachers spend hundreds of dollars of their own money on school supplies.

From my perspective as a parent, I’ve seen school supply lists increasingly grow year after year. My children will be going to two different schools, and I received two supply lists in the mail.

I was a little surprised at some of the items. Parents have always been responsible for things like folders and binders. But this year, both lists included pencils, crayons and glue. Even more concerning, the lists asked for copy paper, paper towels, and rulers. These are items that I would expect a school to be able to purchase.

The lists were so extensive, I ended up going to two different stores to buy everything.

Toys R Us was up first. Here is a pic from the haul there.


I spent a whopping $75.00.

Toys R Us has a Back to School section but they didn’t have everything on the list. So next stop was Staples. I only spent $25.00 there.


Luckily, we had a yard sale the day before, and the money I made from it off set some of the cost. In the end, I spent $100 and some change, and I didn’t get the optional items like disinfectant wipes. Honestly, I felt a little bit like crying at the end.

Public school is a necessary public investment. And I’ve heard over the years that belief that are schools are swimming in cash. Much of that is due to the dishonesty of public officials who refuse to acknowledge the budget shortfalls that schools have been fielding year after year.

And what happens to kids whose parents cannot afford to drop $50 a child? I don’t know. But they have a right to a well supplied education as anyone. The public’s unwillingness to fund education shouldn’t fall on their backs.

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