My recommendations for BPS

Personally, I find it entirely suspicious that an audit report that Boston Public Schools received in April wasn’t released until the day after BPS presented an ugly budget to the school committee.


But wait a minute, has anyone actually seen the report? Because what was actually released was a powerpoint presentation about the report. There was absolutely no information about methodologies, qualifications of the auditors or data used. It was a summary of findings.

So I would like to ask city hall since the taxpayers of Boston paid $660,000 for that report, do you think you could release the entire thing to us? Can we see what we paid for?

I won’t hold my breath.

I did find the summary of findings interesting in that I thought it made a lot of faulty presumptions like our Students with Disabilities are being given services they don’t need. But I also noticed what was absent.

There was no mention of what the state legislature found through the Foundation Budget Review Commission (FBRC) this year. That commission found that the state is seriously underfunding school districts due to rising health costs and special education.

There was no mention that Governor Baker has shown zero interest in pursuing the recommendations of the FBRC and appears completely comfortable with gutting our schools in urban cities, charter schools the exception, of course.

There was no mention of the fact that the state legislature is ignoring the FBRC and continues to underfund schools.

There was no mention of the fact that the state legislature has not fully paid the charter school reimbursements to the school districts that have lost money to charters. (Ladies and gents, we need to start voting these people out of office.)

There was no mention of the fact that the charter industry is constantly destabilizing BPS by its push for a greater and greater market share.

Also, in slide 17 it states that the number of schools has stayed constant. This is false. Carol Johnson alone closed or allowed charter takeover for 20 schools.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 4.43.15 PM
Slide 17 of McKinsey powerpoint presentation

But my biggest issue with the audit is that it doesn’t go nearly far enough. Does Boston want to be efficient? If you want to save money, why have teachers at all? Kids learn a lot from Youtube. Let’s just hand them an Ipad.

For that matter, why pave roads? Or have a fire department? Why should we pay for a police department? This is America. We are all well armed and can take of bad guys ourselves.

In fact, if we all just vacated the city, guns and Ipads in hand, things would be a lot more efficient around here. Boston would run really well without all the messy and complicated people with their people problems mucking up the works. You could save a ton of money if there was no one who needed services.

So there’s my recommendation. Let’s all leave Boston.

Mayor Walsh, you owe me $660,000.


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