Actions speak louder than words

Students, teachers and parents stormed City Hall today, a surprisingly exhilarating activity I highly recommend.

We wanted to talk to the Mayor about the 50 million dollar budget cut to Boston Public Schools, but it seems, our mayor did not want to talk to us. We were knocking on his door but he did not even poke his head outside.

He did, however, have his spokesperson issue a statement to press.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 9.36.46 PM

This was from the Bay State Banner’s excellent article on the Walk In today.

I want you sit back and think about how amazing this statement really is. We DO NOT have a budget deficit because of new efficiencies.

What new efficiencies are there? THEY MADE BUDGET CUTS TO ALL OF THE SCHOOLS.

They are firing teachers! And pillaging school resources. The very reason why we are protesting here in the first place!

This sort of Marty logic makes me lose my cool and GET ALL CAPSIE ON THE INTERWEBS.

I would be shocked by this stunning display of intellectual dishonesty if I didn’t already expect it from our mayor. His mind is almost elegant in its capacity for gobbly gook.

There is no reason for him to address us ->  because there is no problem here -> because there is no budget deficit -> so there is no problem.

CbbceAbXEAERgHlWe can all go home.

And somehow, the fired teachers and the cancelled programs and the run down buildings just aren’t there in the equation. They are nothing. They are will-o-wisps that just float away and dissipate until you question whether they were ever really there in the first place. Maybe that Spanish teacher that used to teach my daughter on Thursday was only a dream. A dream that could have better prepared her for a multi-cultural 21st century.


The mayor’s mind is diabolical, actually. It’s also a few clowns short of a circus.




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