Don’t give me Common Core and call it Advanced Work

Here is a metaphor that I’ve been telling everyone that I can get to listen to me. (The number of people willing to listen to me dwindles by the day.)

Say there is a café that you love, and you stop in every day to this café because it’s special. Unknown-4It gives you exactly what you need from a cup of coffee in the morning. And then one day, you see a sign from management saying that the café has been bought up by a chain. It makes you nervous, but you comfort yourself by saying, “More people will get to enjoy this special place.” So you watch the chain come in and scale the model, and replicate it, but the next time you go in, you realize that whatever it was that made that coffee shop special, is now gone. It’s just another chain.

I’m bringing this up because I believe that is exactly what is happening with Advanced Work Classes right now.

I absolutely believe that Advanced Work should be expanded. I absolutely believe more kids need access to this wonderful program. I don’t believe that is what is happening.

Let me tell you about my son’s class where he is one of three white children. All of the other kids are children of color. Here are some of the books he has read this year. Note, they read the entire book not just passages:

Bud not Buddy
The Search for Delicious
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Johnny Tremain
The Ballad of Lucy Whipple
The Number the Stars

They then do in depth discussions about the books that they have read and have project based learning activities to tie in with the readings.

He has had a remarkable year. A visiting professor told his teacher that the discussions the children were having are so sophisticated they could be in high school. They are in the fourth grade.

So I was excited to hear that the new superintendent wanted to expand the program because I think the children of Boston should have access to this high quality of programming.

I want to acknowledge that is difficult to scale things. But I’ve grown concern because the teachers in the expanded advance work classes are not being given the same level as autonomy as my son’s teacher. They are being directed to use the Engaged New York curriculum. The Engaged New York Curriculum is not advanced work. It is Common Core curriculum.

I had a somewhat intense conversation with a BPS administrator where I pointed out that it was the autonomy that gave my son’s teacher the freedom to craft the curriculum to the class’s needs. She said that they wouldn’t be able to manage that for all of the BPS classes because they had to make sure that what the teachers were teaching was aligned to the common core.

And Engaged NY is fully aligned.

I pointed out to this administrator that Common Core and Advanced Work were not the same. That the district had decided to push Common Core and stick an Advanced Work label on it.

And she said,

Well, we aren’t calling it Advanced Work anymore. We are calling it AccesstoEducationExcelllenceGobblySmookySmookNonsenseWeHopeYouDon’tNoticeTheSwitchandBait.

So this is maddening. The district is NOT expanding AWC. They just aren’t. In fact, they are closing down the AWC classrooms in an attempt to standardize the instruction across the district. Because they don’t trust the teachers enough to use their judgments about what is best for the kids in their care. And they aren’t being honest with us.

You can’t differentiate and standardize at the same god damn time. Standardization and differentiation create friction because they are forces in opposing motion. You need to trust the teachers to teach. And you need to trust the students to learn.

The reason why Advanced Work is such an amazing program is because it gives the classroom space that is rare in today’s public schools. The fact that more children of color will not be able to experience this is a shame. And the fact that is being done in the name of Equity is just too much.

4 thoughts on “Don’t give me Common Core and call it Advanced Work

  1. Yeah, the system managers love to use authentic language in the most inauthentic ways, and destroy authentic learning in the most inauthentic ways, taking the heart & soul out of it, just like in your unique cafe example, which actually comes quite close to a good literary class experience! — warmth, nourishment, reflection, dialogue, artistry…


  2. Thanks for writing this. I agree with you and hate to see the program watered down. Would love to talk sometime about it.


  3. Each day we are presented with more dispiriting evidence that Tommy Chang has not come here to run a school system, but rather to destroy it. The slow, steady infiltration of the privatizers taking up residence at the Bolling Building, replacing those with institutional knowledge; the slashes to complete funding for our most needy students with disabilities; and now the replacement of AWC curriculum with what NY teachers called EnragedNY are not hallmarks of a serious superintendency, but rather of a Broadie Supernintendo.

    There is no doubt AWC needs to be enlarged and more inclusive of our city’s children. Admission to the program is based on a standardized test result, which every informed parent and teacher knows most well correlates with socio-economic status rather than being indicative of any academic talent at all. Instituting EnragedNY with the pitiful excuse that they can’t scale up the curriculum is ludicrous. AWC has been around for more that 50 years. I know, I was a student in the program. They are just going about the business of tearing it down and plastering a nice smiley face on their pile of doo-doo.


  4. Hi Mary, I am new to your blog but just wanted to say that I am really happy you are writing about these things.


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