When it comes to charter schools, Charlie Baker is all wet

Slow clap for Governor Baker. He managed to keep talking in the rain yesterday at the kick off of the Great Schools MA rally to lift the cap on charter schools.

It began to pour during the well choreographed photo op on the state house steps, and Gov Baker seized the dramatic moment and said,

“You know something folks? For too many children and too many families in the Commonwealth of Mass., it’s been raining for a really long time.”

Did you notice what he didn’t say? What he never says?

How much this is all going to cost the taxpayer. He may shed a tear for the fisherman in New Bedford, but he doesn’t cry for the taxpayers of Massachusetts.

Charter schools serve 32,000 (4%) of children in Massachusetts. Yet, they cost 400 million dollars a year. If Question 2 is adopted, within 10 years, it will cost Massachusetts up to a billion dollars a year. The state underfunds public education by a billion dollars TODAY.

But Governor Baker has not said a single, solitary word about how the Commonwealth will pay for these 12 new schools a year.

And he won’t because though he markets himself as a fiscal conservative, he is not. In reality, he is a neoliberal. His interest lie is not in protecting the taxpayer but in transferring public dollars to private entities.

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