A Trick and a Treat

If you are a Massachusetts voter, you  may have received a mailer last week about Question 2. This mailer proclaimed that voters should secure Obama’s legacy by Voting Yes on 2.

And there was a very large picture of the president on the front.


Now, I knew Potus had not endorsed Question 2. And I was so concerned about this that I called the Secretary of State’s Office to complain. They were so concerned that they’ve completely ignored my phone call.

And of course, a few days later, it comes out that the White House has no connection to this organization and has not endorsed Question 2.

So the organization behind this mailer had some explaining to do.

You never said Potus endorsed? No you just sent out a flyer with his face and a command to keep his legacy by voting yes on 2.

So that’s a bit of a trick.

But here’s a treat. Guess who endorsed No on 2 for real? Bernie Sanders!!!
(aka the man who was ROBBED of the presidency!)

Check it out!


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